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The New Byre Theatre

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Tour: The New Byre Theatre - Curtain Up  | South Court 
Visit: The New Byre Theatre

The New Byre Theatre

The New Byre Theatre opened its doors for the first time on June 22nd, 2001. The inaugural production was "Into The Woods" by Stephen Sondheim. Click on the curtain, or follow the "curtain up" link above to view the stage with the curtain (tabs) up.

Many thanks to the staff at the New Byre for their cooperation in producing this entry ... especially Rebecca McSherry (Marketing Manager), Peter Hargreaves (Production Manager), and Barry Young (Theatre Technician).

Reminiscent of a Star Trek bridge scene, the new seating arrangement guarantees excellent views from every seat. The seats are also very comfortable. A nostalgic touch has been the retention of a "Please keep your feet off the stage" sign.
The Byre Theatre was started in 1939 by A.B. Paterson in an old cowshed (Byre). By 1970 a more modern facility had been constructed with public entrance via South Court.

To serve a larger audience with more modern facilities, to expand the scope of the services offered to the community including all day restaurant and bar facilities, and to expand the scope of the productions that can be produced, the New Byre Theatre was begun in the early 1990's.
It's gratifying to see that the New Byre Theatre has retained the pleasing South Court approach and architectural features of a farm-like building in a thoroughly modern facility. A.B.Paterson, who died in 1989, would be pleased.

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